Religion, law and the constitution

Balancing beliefs in Britain

Thomas Nichols

“I think in comparison with other countries Great Britain is a tolerant and equal society in relation to religion and belief. It is difficult to have a completely equal society in terms of attitudes. It would be almost impossible, but I think we do a very good job of it. “

Roque Santa Cruz

“Everybody needs to live without fear and given the circumstances, we all know that extremism is a plague that need to be controlled, and we all are involved in that. I don’t think that it’s possible to limit a religion, even one with a worrying history behind it, restrictions might only make things worse. “

Sir Gareth Edwards CBE

Sir Gareth Edwards CBE

“I think that you are better to have a mixture and benefit from other people’s views. You have to be able to understand and compromise. One of the most difficult things for human beings is to understand each other.”

Danny Batth

“I think schools should focus on understanding amongst different religions, because that is where the divide starts… I think it would be more of an integrated society if schools dealt with religion. I think people would know more about the real world then.”

Joaquín Acedo

Joaquín Acedo

“En mi experiencia, en el círculo donde yo he vivido, creo que hay bastante tolerancia y respeto en el aspecto religioso. “