Religion, law and the constitution

Balancing beliefs in Britain

Constance Jackson

“I think that oftentimes it is better for the State to empower actors within the society than to do it themselves, because the State is not an adaptive, lithe creature; when it steps in, it’s a big step. So oftentimes I’d like to see it step in by empowering actors in the arena, without the State actually sticking itself into it.”

Ruth Jenkins

Ruth Jenkins

“When there is a threat to independence, you have to raise it as an issue because making an independent judgment is crucial. I don’t really know if our judiciary are independent to be honest. If they are appointed by their profession they are independent, but if they are appointed by the Government, there is really a breakdown of that expected independence. “

Elder Clifford Herbertson

“If we respect each other we seek to understand why they do things, why they behave in a certain way, and I think as long as we are open to understanding, accepting and respecting other people we will be able to live in a much more comfortable society. “

Thomas Nichols

“I think in comparison with other countries Great Britain is a tolerant and equal society in relation to religion and belief. It is difficult to have a completely equal society in terms of attitudes. It would be almost impossible, but I think we do a very good job of it. “

Grace Hatley

“I think being an Agnostic is easier probably than having a strong belief in this society. I don’t really know lots of people who have strong beliefs. I think it is probably easier sometimes, maybe, to have non beliefs. “

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan

“I think education has nothing to do with religion. We should keep them separate. You can teach children at home, after school, but in schools you have to learn a mix of other cultures.”

Gurd Kandola

“My view has always been to get exposure as much as possible to diverse communities and cultures as I feel this helps one grow and develop a balanced outlook.”

Ioannis Stylianou

“I am not saying that the principle of equality comes entirely from Christianity, but at least Christianity does not say that we have more value as Christians than other faith believers… Equality is one of the main principles of Christianity.”

Jim Sutcliffe

Jim Sutcliffe

“Our society seems to be moving so far in the direction of selfishness,. To me that should be right up there in terms of what people do in their family, their community or whatever. They should think of other people first. “

Patricia Travis

“We shouldn’t have an official Church. Times have changed… but I like the Royal Family. I watch them now and then on TV and what I like is… people say they don’t do anything, but they do. They do a lot.”

Baroness Ros Altmann

“We are so lucky to live in a country which is tolerant or all faiths and none, and is not prescriptive about what individuals should believe. Our society tolerates and welcomes all different beliefs and none.”