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Faith groups, sexual abuse and Civil Law as a gate-keeper

Distressingly, there have been more media reports about sexual abuse in faith groups this week. The focus this time is on claims being brought by over 20 former Jehovah’s witnesses for sexual abuse which they suffered whilst they were members of the group. A number of...

Brexit and British Identity

  The much-loved BBC children’s series Horrible Histories found itself in the eye of the Brexit storm last week. Comedian Nish Kumar presented a special edition for 31st January, which put together a collection of favourite songs and sketches from past shows, all with...

The Ghost of Christmas (Bans) Past

In popular culture, the Puritans of the XVII century get a fair bit of flack for banning Christmas.  Oliver Cromwell in particular is often, unfairly, personally blamed for making the holiday illegal.   In actual fact, the prohibition was passed by the...