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High and Low Constitutional Culture

If you eat in a restaurant in the US, the waiter is likely to be somewhat aggrieved if you fail to leave a tip, in contrast, if you try to leave a tip in Japan it probably won't be accepted.  The rules of engagement for the same interaction are different within...

Capitol Invasion and Constitutional Culture

At the time of writing the dust has still not cleared a mob of pro-Trump supporters storming the Capitol Building. As the world looked on in disbelief, a motley crew of enraged loyalists to the outgoing President surged forwards and, quite literally, ran riot. Many...

More Catholic than the Pope: Same sex unions, families and civil rights

From the moment of his election, Pope Francis was heralded by many as a symbol of hope, progress and even healing.  Neither was this response confined to Roman Catholic circles, or even people of faith, and many secular commentators welcomed the social and political...

What are Human Rights?

The phrase “Human Rights” is now everywhere, but what does it mean to lawyers? Read the first in our series of blogs exploring Human RIghts